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About The Sunapee Area

View of Lake Sunapee from Mt. Sunapee in New HampshireLake Sunapee and the surrounding communities in the area are some of the most beautiful that the state of New Hampshire has to offer. Below you will find more information about this stunning and unique area and why people are drawn to it regardless of the season. If you have any questions about the region please contact us. 

Winter Fun

One of the most special things about Lake Sunapee is its four-season draw. When the lake freezes and the grass is coated in freshly fallen snow, the area does not go into hibernation. Instead, it is reborn. The glassy surface of the lake that once held kayakers and sailboats becomes an icy wonderland where skaters glide across the surface and fishermen wait patiently by their carefully drilled holes. At the first snowfall, skiers and snowboarders from all over New England flock to Mount Sunapee for pristine lakeside skiing with the family. After a long day on the mountain, skiers can sip on a cold draft beer at Goosefeathers Pub while the kids warm up with a cup of famous hot chocolate. When the sun starts to set, skiers, fishers, and skaters can head home with the promise that there is always more to explore tomorrow. 

Summer on the Lake

Summers on Lake Sunapee are quite literally paradise on earth, thanks to the crystal clear waters, extensive shoreline with adjacent hiking trails, and a strong sense of community. Regardless of where you came from, Sunapee residents will offer you a smile on the street or a spirited wave as your boats race by each other. After getting a greeting from everyone you pass on the hiking trail, you’ll be wondering, “Are people this nice back home?” The answer is no. Lake Sunapee houses a tight-knit community that is welcoming to visitors and eager to show them all that Lake Sunapee has to offer. 

Art & Culture

In addition to all the natural beauty and outdoor activities offered by the Sunapee region, there is also an abundance of local art and cultural centers that breathe life into the streets. The region’s Center for the Arts hosts dance concerts, live poetry, art exhibitions, and theatrical productions that attract locals and tourists alike. They’re even doing online writing classes and Zoom sessions where you can go through a virtual exhibit and meet the artists as well. Other cultural hubs in the area include the New London Barn Playhouse, the Claremont and Newport Opera Houses, and The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens. With so many options for outdoor and indoor exploration, Sunapee once again proves it is a region that only gets better as the seasons change. 

Shopping & Dining

Supporting local businesses is easy when you come to the Lake Sunapee region. There are so many quaint shops, restaurants, and cafés to choose from that you’ll need to come back a second time to experience them all. No matter what you’re in the mood for, whether it be Italian, American, Barbecue, Caribbean, or seafood, Sunapee has got you covered. For live music and an exquisite view of the harbor, you could dine at the Anchorage. If you’re a trivia buff, you could head over to The Local on a Thursday night to try your luck with the local crowd. There is also an abundance of shops that sell locally crafted goods - you’re sure to leave with a special something to remind you of your trip. 

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